I graduated from Punjab University College of Information Technology, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan in 2005. I have more than 8 years of development experience. My major area of expertise has been C/C++ for first half of my professional career. The latter part wholly belongs to Mobile Application Development. I have been doing iOS (iPhone/iPad/MacOS) application and games development since October 2008. I have a handful of applications and games next to my name and this makes me adaptable to any nature of project environment.

My basic strength has been to understand the user requirements and provide solutions in best available technology as per need. Learning software tools and technologies never affected my development process. My objective is to work for an organization where I can apply my knowledge in a way that is helpful in meeting the organizational objectives. For more details of my work,

List of projects/applications, I have worked on:

  1. Kingdom of Heroes
  2. Kingdom of Heroes HD
  3. Mafia Farm!
  4. Mafia Farm! HD
  5. Whacksy Taxi – HD
  6. Whacky Taxi – Android version; No longer available on Google Play Store
  7. Weather UAE
  8. Weather UAE HD
  9. iGig
  10. Tap Love
  11. Tap GRE.
  12. Tap GRE – Free
  13. Tap GRE HD
  14. Tap Wall HD
  15. Lhr Preschool – No longer available on iTunes
  16. TellMyStory – No longer available on iTunes
  17. TellMyStory Lite – No longer available on iTunes
  18. iCensored – No longer available on iTunes
  19. iTouchBall – No longer available on iTunes
  20. Cafe 5 Pack
  21. Windows HMI – InteractX
  22. Customer Monitoring System – a computer vision based project to monitor customer’s activity within a shop
  23. Customer Monitoring System: Reporting Tool
  24. Customer Counting System