Fast & Furious Series

Thank you GSC-Malaysia for giving me 2 screening passes as Birthday reward for Fast & Furious 6.

The movie is very cool and fast-paced. But you had to wait for the end of the movie to see the most interesting aspect of film. 🙂 I just looked around and found the linking of all FF series; so sharing it over here 😉

  1. Better Luck Tomorrow –  The story of Han as a chain-smoking high school student getting started with crime 
  2. The Fast & The Furious – The story of how Brian meets Dom, Letty and Mia and gets started with crime; at the very end we see Dom escaped to Mexico 
  3. Turbo Charged – The short film that picks up as Brian flees the police, after releasing Dom. We see him traveling to Miami and getting his new car. 
  4. 2 Fast 2 Furious – Picks up a couple months after Turbo Charged in Miami, where Brian meets up with Roman and Tej. (During this time, we can assume that Dom is meeting Han for the first time in Mexico and running some jobs with him.) 
  5. Los Bandoleros – This short film is set five years after the events of 2 Fast 2 Furious. Dom meets back up with Letty in the Dominican Republic and brings Han and some other friends in on a heist job. 
  6. Fast & Furious – Picks up days after the events in Los Bandoleros, with Dom, Letty, Han and crew pulling the heist. Dom then leaves Letty only to have her get “murdered”. He then meets back up with Mia and Brian in the states. He gets sentenced to life in prison at the end. 
  7. Fast Five – The film picks up where the last ended with Mia and Brian breaking Dom out of prison. They all run off to pull a heist in Brazil with Han, Roman, Tej and the rest of their new team. At the end of the film we find out Letty is still alive. 
  8. Furious 6 – Picks up shortly after the end of the last film with the same team regrouping to rescue Letty from the villain Owen Shaw. Han’s girlfriend Giselle is killed and he makes the decision to go live in Tokyo. The very last scene of the film takes place in Tokyo, with Shaw’s brother, Ian, killing Han out of revenge. This is an expanded version of a scene found in… 
  9. Tokyo Drift – Han has moved on to Tokyo after the death of Giselle, and is acting as a mentor to wannabe street-racers/criminals. Halfway through we see an abbreviated version of his death scene. Dom shows up in a cameo at the end, presumably to seek retribution for Han’s murder. 

And that’s the story so far. We can assume the next film made will pick up in Tokyo, with the rest of the team meeting up with Dom to hunt down Ian Shaw and get revenge for Han.