10 Movie Trailers That Were Disproportionately Better Than the Movie

Nice collection of trailers better than movies list; I think I can add couple of more to this list. Will do that later 😉

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Sometimes we see a movie trailer that just blows us away. The promise of what is to come is so exciting that we know deep down that this is a movie we must see. We’re given hints of a world beyond expectation and imagination, something that has to be seen to be believed. Something…that turns out to be pretty gosh darn average. A movie without a single memorable quality. When we rewatch the trailer all we remember is that sense of crushing disappointment.

These are those trailers.


Roland Emmerich really could’ve filled this list by himself. Between Independence Day, Godzilla, 2012 and The Day After Tomorrow he’s got the market on overhyped blockbusters cornered. Over time some viewers had developed a thick skin to this kind of marketing blitz but back when Stargate trailers did the rounds we where totally unprepared. It looked imaginative, action packed and unique. It…

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