Kingdom of Heroes for iPhone/iPad & Android

After working on Mafia Farm, our company’s international hit game; we shifted gears and ported out another title with almost same game mechanics but with more improved storyline (well kind of :P). Kingdom of Heroes is available at AppStore and Android Market. iPhone/iPod touch users can get the game via here. iPad users can check out the high-def version of game at this link. Android users can access the game at this link.


This is the second online mobile social game developed by Mindstorm Studios. Players with interest in ancient civilizations can join in and compete with other similar players around the world. The game also has a world-building component which increases the reputation which in turn increases the chances of winning the raids. The defense items lets your world to handle all the attacks in your absence. You can hire soldiers or purchase heroes/mercenaries which increases your attack, defense and reputation. It’s great fun.