[Programming] Android Game/Application Development

I have officially started Android Game/Application Development. To maintain a simple guide for newbies I am updating this post in parallel to what I am doing for starting development on Android.

First of all, I am developing on MacOS, since I was doing iPhone/iPad application development till yesterday (and hopefully will continue it after couple of days). Following are the steps to get started with Android Development on MacOS:

  • Android Setup in MacOS:
    • First step was quite simple and I knew what I have to do i.e. install an IDE for android development. I came across developer.android.com/sdk and it guided me fully in installing Eclipse and Android SDK. It has about 5 steps and once you are through with those steps, you will have android running on your MacOS device. Cheers!
  • Creating First Project:
    • Creating an android project in Eclipse is a little confusing. I had an experience in creating sample projects in other IDEs and those were very simple (maybe because they all had C++ or variant of C/C++ language). But this time I need to be clear about JAVA application architecture. Therefore need to follow some steps.
    • I started creating a project but got stuck in Package name. The wizard did not move further. So I googled, and came across a nice post at devX titled “Getting Started with Android Development Using Eclipse”. There are steps in creating and running first application in Eclipse. [After 10 minutes] Viola! I got my first application up and running in Android Simulator.
    • Hahahahahaha, some might find this funny. I kept watching at the Android Simulator for about 10 minutes and then clicked on Menu button and then realized that the screen of simulator was locked and is now unlocked; and then I can see the Hello World Application Name on screen. By clicking the return button closes the application. If anyone encounter similar situation, don’t feel ashamed …  you are not alone 😀
  • Adding Coco2D in Android project:
    • My main goal is to develop an environment for game development so that I can start porting my iPhone/Cocos2D game in Android/Cocos2D. This is first step for my game development since this seems logically the quickest way to start Android Game Development. Now again, I used my lethal development weapon (i.e. googled for tutorial :P) and found a blog post titled “Cocos2D Android Hello World Tutorial”.
    • [After 35 minutes] I have successfully created Cocos2D scene and layer in Android. Here is a snapshot of the application.
    • Now, I will start with my actual development. 😉

Happy Android Game/Application Development 😉

More Exploration!

Today I tried to scroll sprites in screen and encountered a lot of issues. I googled a lot and found a couple of different game engines for Android. I shared my RnD as comments to this post. But, I have (kind of) decided to stick with Cocos2D for my first game. Lets see how it turns out.

Besides, I came across a series of Android Development Tutorials by CornboyzAndroid. Their tutorials can be viewed at youtube channel. I am also sharing their videos in my post too. 😉