[Sport] Once in a blue moon

These are the words which came in my mind when I saw the scorecard of 2nd Test match between Pakistan & Australia in July 2010. The scorecard looked like:

This is not what you see frequently for Pakistan. For a Pakistani cricket fan, this scorecard can be some source of joy & happiness. Our cricket team has seen lot of troughs in their cycle and even a small crest (once in a blue moon) brings great hopes in Pakistani hearts. Last time Pakistan defeated Australia in a test match was in November 1995 and this test match just broke the chain of failures against Australia. Not only this, Pakistan outplayed Australia in both T20 matches prior to the test series. Overall the complete series (T20 + Test) have been positive for Pakistan. One never expected that but hey this might be a start of a new era in Pakistan cricket team. Good luck Pakistan cricket team for the upcoming series against England. 😉

A lot has been happening around the world which involves Pakistan in bad sense; the result of which is people here are moving away from it and are leaving Pakistan to find success in their lives. But having said that, the achievements what Pakistan can attain brings patriotism back in our hearts and we again decide to do something for our country which we got in the name of Allah (our creator) and we hope that it will stay for ever and ever. Long live Pakistan.