Stay Low & Start Slow…

I took my mother for her routine checkup of her foot to CMH (Combined Military Hospital). While the doctor was examining her foot, I was examining his desktop (table, I mean; most people might think his computer’s desktop 😛 ); where I came across this quote.

To succeed; Stay low and start slow

This quotation was with a picture of Hare and Tortoise getting ready for a race. It immediately popped up in my mind that how true it is. I have seen people in my life who go for some objective with great publicity and very quickly before preparing themselves and most of them get dirt on their faces. There are rare cases but we are not targeting exceptions here. This is one thing, I have learned from my experiences that to achieve any goal, we must stay on low profile and should not open our mouth at anything, neither we should commit any thing without doing any planning or following any strategy. We should be silent in start, gather requirements and stuff; let the other person speak their heart out. And when we have everything, with which we can work something; then there is no stopping. Move gradually towards your goal and keep everyone involved updated with little milestones. We should not brag with great exaggeration about small milestones that we have done a great job so far and need some rest; we will end up losing the race just like the Hare. We should keep our profile low and deliver big & complete thing at the end.

Sometimes, big lessons come from small quotations and old stories. I am having a great time managing and correcting myself where I have or could have gone wrong in my profession; hopefully someone reading this might do so as well.

Happy staying low and starting slow 😉