Life is a Rubik’s Cube

I have been thinking a lot, while solving my Rubik’s Cube (which I got as a gift from my brothers on my birthday) and I have deduced to my own conclusion that just like Rubik’s Cube, life is also all about putting same colors together. As Shakespeare said:

All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven ages.

Similarly, at any particular age every man or woman interacts with players of other ages. The one has activities, responsibilities which no one other can fully perform. At some time, you are very dependent on others and at some time all are dependent on you. When I was young, I always wanted to grow old and enjoy the stuff elders used to do; but I wasn’t aware about the hidden circumstances. This is the reason why today I feel that I shouldn’t have grown up 😛

But now I feel, why should I compare my ages with each other. I should try, instead I should definitely, enjoy my present age to the fullest and I can only do this by managing things around me properly; by aligning same colors together, just like Rubik’s cube.

The Base Color:

I can think of myself as the base color, which is the first one I usually complete when solving a Rubik’s Cube. Normally, this is the color which is aligned in proper position first and remains aligned till the end. I used to align myself first, because if I am not properly aligned or healthy enough; then how can I give support to others. The base color does not only mean my health but it also covers my beliefs, my religious duties, my manners and anything that can make me strong enough to give proper support to other colors. Therefore, the base color is me 😉

The Four Side Colors:

The four side colors are aligned in parallel to each other. To complete them, I twist the base color a little; but manages to align them together. I can easily comprehend the four colours as Parents & Siblings, Wife & Children, Friends and Profession. According to me in my current age, I have deduced that these four colors are these. All need special consideration and none can be ignored. I fully accept that I have been very lazy in aligning these colors in parallel. Most of the times, I fully concentrate on profession, and when I switch my attention to any of the other three my profession alignment is disturbed. Same is the case with others. So I am working very hard nowadays to fully align these four colors in parallel.

The Last Color:

It’s an outstanding thought, but others might disagree. But as soon as I align all the four colors, the last color automatically becomes aligned and I don’t need to do anything for it. So what is the last color, for which I have done nothing but still have achieved it. For me, this is happiness, self-satisfaction, bright future and most of all I have made my creator happy. As I can see it, aligning yourself first and then aligning your closer circle, makes your life a living heaven. But here’s the catch! Most of us spend decades in aligning the four colors and could never complete the last one, but still there is happiness in every step of life, every phase of life, that we have been able to align at least one color together and have believe that other colors might fall in their respective places.

So here it was, the thought which clicked in my mind today, and I thought it is better to share it with everyone or anyone who feels the same about life. It will be great to see if anyone agrees with me or not. If not, it will be awesome if anyone can come up with other representations of Rubik’s Cube colors.

Happy solving Life’s Rubik’s Cube! 😉