[Movie] Mortal Kombat

I just came across a short 8 minute movie of Mortal Kombat: Rebirth and I was like WOW. One will have to see the movie themselves to feel what I am feeling now (if and only if you have played MK in 90s and have seen both Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat: Annihilation).

I agree with most people out there, who think that this short film is much better than the 2 full-length movies. The movies did not match up with the spirit of game and characters were talking all time; but this one seems to have more action than words. For this I must say that “Blood speaks louder than action 😀 I just made this up from the famous phrase “Action speaks louder than words” 😛

If (as I have understood about the deals related to this film) things go out smooth then we will be having great fun watching this film. If this is a marketing act for an upcoming game, then they surely have done a great job & I am very much impressed. But I want this as a movie, instead I want a series. If they come up with a series of Mortal Kombat and dive deep in the lives of characters and show series of MK Tournaments…..that will be awesome. I believe if series of Mortal Kombat comes on air, it will clearly out pass some boring and time pass TV series. Lets hope my ideas get to the concerned guys and they do give it a thought. 😉

IGN has mentioned about this too with title: “Best. Mortal Kombat Movie. Ever?”

Wikipedia page for Mortal Kombat: Rebirth

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Finally, the video is as follow 😉

Besides, all things kept aside…..now I understand why Scorpion’s “Get Over Here!” is so famous.

Happy Mortal Kombating 😉