[Game] History of Social Games

My colleague shared this link with same name ‘History of Social Games’ and the author has brought very nice details in notice. I am attaching the image and an introductory paragraph posted by him in his page.

The idea of social games isn’t new–they’re just games you play with other people.  Social games began about 5000 years ago.  With some help from the team at Disruptor Beam, we’ve put together a little chart that traces the history of social games from its origins in Ancient Egypt all the way to the present.  I’m using the term social network games to distinguish the type of social games (Farmtown, etc.) that are primarily played and distributed via social networks.

It’s good to know about history of social games. The attached image describes how games have evolved with time. At current times, even the basic game with some social factor can be a huge hit. Those days are gone when people just played it for fun, today most of them play to outplay others. This nature of people all over the world have made the gaming industry to grow like fire. Games are playing a remarkable role in relaxing everyone from worldly disturbances. People also indulge in it to release their frustration, which is good too.

Happy Social Gaming! 😉