Reminiscences of software houses

Day before yesterday, I came across LinkedIn profile of Brent Meranda, with whom I worked on some version of InteractX – a HMI software of Parker Hannifin CTC. I saw his profile and did not hesitate to send him a recommendation. Not only he is a nice person, I really enjoyed working with him; but remembering about our collaboration made me recall most of my memorable events in my software development career.

I am trying to make a rough list here which I really miss those fun stuff and wish to have them in my current place.

  • Friday Tea Time in Intagleo. Every Friday evening, our office guy used to get us Ice cream or Biscuits or Chips or anything with tea or coffee. It was a great time, when we all got together in conference room and had discussion about anything.
  • The TT-Time (short for Table Tennis Time) in Techlogix. We usually had this after lunch and in evening, just to relax our minds from the complex user stories we were working on.
  • Friday Lunch Time in Techlogix. Techlogix arranges company wide lunch with in Techlogix premises in any of the Fridays of every month. It was great for everyone to have lunch with every known/unknown person in the company and get to know each other.
  • Nestle Juice machines in Techlogix. There were couple of flavors available in both floors of Techlogix and they were absolutely free😉
  • Weekend Cricket Matches via Techlogix. After every 2 weeks, we had a chance to play cricket with other local software houses. We even had a chance to play in sports gala held in Lahore. The main highlight of cricket matches was the after game lunch or shakes sponsored by team captain.
  • TRF in Techlogix. I can hardly forget this thing. TRF means Team Refreshment Fund. Everyone is allowed to spend some limited amount per month and all we have to do is present the receipts to Techlogix and it will be reimbursed. Every team in Techlogix adopted this culture that a single resource will not use his/her fund but that will be used as a team. The team can either go out for lunch/dinner/paint ball/bowling or anywhere; or can use this to decorate team’s office space; or any other useful stuff. This idea is outstanding, and I miss this very much.
  • CS-Time (short for Counter Strike Time) in Tricastmedia. Everyday after office hours, a Counter Strike server was started and everyone was invited to join and participate in it. It was great fun to take out project managers, HR managers and, sometimes if one is lucky, even CEO of the company.
  • Monthly Cricket Matches via Tricastmedia. We got chances to play cricket for Tricastmedia against local software houses once in a month. It was great fun followed by Pizza party in office.
  • Friday Movie Time in Alchemya and Vahzay. I was outsourced to Alchemya for some .Net project, where I enjoyed watching movie every Friday in projector room. We tried to adopt this in Vahzay and really enjoyed for couple of months.
  • Slush Time in Tintash. I was outsourced to Tintash for some iPhone game development in a very hot summer season. Mannan in Tintash carried out this wonderful routine to bring Slushes for everyone in office in evening, and we stayed in office for an extra hour after that. Very nice trick of getting engineers to work for an extra hour😛
  • Movie Time in Mindstorm Studios. I was outsourced for couple of weeks to Mindstorm Studios by Vahzay. There was some renovations going on in the floor allotted to us; the load-shedding campaign in Lahore made alternate hours made us free, since there was no power backups and we all enjoyed the movie-hour very much.
  • DOTA Time in Mindstorm Studios. Mindstorm Studios is a game development software house and they play games every day after office hours and I joined them only twice in DOTA and really enjoyed this culture.

Hmmmmmm, I might add some extra stuff later. These are some beautiful things, which I really enjoyed and wish that most of them should be part of a better and healthy organization.

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  1. Komal Masood

    TRF stands for “Team Refreshment Fund”
    It is still as limited as it was. Chances to get increased in near future:)

  2. Thanx Komal, I stand corrected:)

    I believe that you also enjoy these facilities by Techlogix, because after so many years, one only remember these little good things. The big stuff is almost same in every software houses.:)

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