What is Googleganger?

A googleganger is a creative description for a person who researches his name in Google’s search engine and finding one or more people who have the same name.

Inputting one’s name and running a search on one’s name in Google is the origin of the practice that has led to the creation of the word googleganger. The term itself is based on the German word “doppelganger”, which literally means “double-goer”, and which refers to a person’s double or so-called “evil twin.” A googleganger will, thus share, the same name as the person who made the Google search.

A googleganger is strictly limited to having the same name. It doesn’t matter if the person has the same or similar job, educational background, and other factors. Having the same name is enough to refer to the searched person as a googleganger.

More often than not, finding that one has a googleganger will lead someone to consider contacting the searched name. According to some people who have gone ahead and contacted their googleganger, the experience has been considered “enlightening” – knowing the unique experience of a person whom only one shares a name with. The attempt to contact a googleganger also has a somewhat negative result sometimes. There are googlegangers who feel uncomfortable being contacted by a stranger, especially one who shares their name. But the overall experience is that most googlegangers enjoy the coincidence enough that they are polite and cordial.

Of course, not all Google searches come out a positive experience. There are people who discover that their googleganger can be a person who is, for example, a criminal or a fugitive.

Happy Googlegangering 😉