[Programming] Program exited with status value 101

My application had a UITableView with about more than 250 rows and when I scrolled through it completely twice or thrice; the application CRASHED and a line appeared at my application’s status bar that “Program exited with status value: 101”. I ran the application in Leaks tool from Instruments option in XCode. It did not show any leaks, but then again application crashed and I received same message on my status bar of application, i.e. “Program exited with status value: 101”.

After a lot of googling, I found that status 101 indicates that there is a memory issue; meaning that no more memory was available for the application. The application did not crash because of any memory leak, but it crashed due to too much memory allocations…sounds logical. So I optimized my code of populating the cells and voila, the application lived happily ever after and did not crash 🙂