2010 resolution

One of my previous post “The Stories Behind Hollywood Studio Logos” around 13 months back has brought the most traffic to my blog. A simple (not so complex) observation on my blog visiting statistics, I have decided to post some useful stuff on my blog……. which might help anyone anywhere. So my new year resolution will be to modify my blog and make it useful for everyone. As an initial step, I’ll share here my top 10 posts, which have brought the most traffic to my blog. I will be removing some unnecessary posts from my blog. I hope this might not effect anyone 😀

The list of top posts is as follow. The views count mentioned is calculated till 09-01-10, 12:15 PM (GMT+5) 😀 :

  1. Home Page (7542)
  2. The Stories behind Hollywood Studio logo (4283)
  3. Remembering the GAMES which… (2789)
  4. Background Subtraction – Stauffer & Grimson’s Algorithm (2273)
  5. AMD releases first chip set with ATI graphics Card (1298)
  6. Anatomy of an illusion – Pledge, Turn (880)
  7. [iPhone] Learning OpenGL ES for iPhone Applications (695)
  8. PUCIT First Degree Awarding Ceremony (643)
  9. Game Development in iPhone using Cocos2d (425)
  10. Apps Amuck – 31 Days Tutorial of iPhone (390)