[Programming] iCensored 1.0 && 1.1

Sometimes we get take very nice pictures but get some part of unwanted object, therefore we came up with an idea to remove that object from the picture. But this serious idea turned to a very funny one called iCensored. In this application, we are not removing any object from the picture, instead we have ‘iCensored’ stickers (available in iCensored 1.0) and different objects like clown nose, geometric shapes, devil horns, prison cell, mosaic, skin colors etc in iCensored 1.1. We have also updated the application to scale and rotate the stickers. The final prepared image can be saved in one’s photo album, or can be send to friends via email from within application or can be posted to one’s facebook profile. 😀

The funny part of this application is the usage of the application. While testing we took snapshots of our colleagues in different postures and added an ‘iCensored’ sticker and it created a hilarious scene for those colleagues. Sorry for not explaining further that what kind of image did it become after adding an ‘iCensored’ sticker. hahahahahaha

Besides the idea, the application version 1.0 was developed in 3 days, waited in Apple’s review queue for a week and was in AppStore in last week of August. It crossed 3K downloads with in a week …….. WOW. The application version 1.1 was finalized in a week and waited for almost 2 weeks in Apple’s review queue and was in AppStore in last week of September. So now anyone can get it for FREE. 😀

The App Store link is http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=328169198


Happy iCensoring 😉