Tintash Pvt Ltd

After completing iTouchBall, I was outsourced to TinTash for approximately a month to develop some modules for their game. Tintash is one of those Game Development Houses which has achieved a milestone of reaching in Top 10 Apps frame of Apple’s App Store. Their game Fishing Frenzy made a great impact and made it’s place in top 10 free applications.

I learned many basic things of game development there. First of all, I got introduced to Cocos2d architecture. I never knew that game programming can be so simplified for iPhone. I still have to explore it, but at least I have got a start and insight of something new and worthy.

I came to know what is an Asset? 😀 it’s not only an accounting term but it’s also a game development term.

Game assets are the “things” that go into a game. Some examples of assets are artwork (including textures and 3D models), sound effects and music, text, dialogue and anything else that is presented to the user. Sometimes the terms content or objects are used interchangeably with the term assets. – Wikipedia

I found the environment very healthy and entertaining. They have department for each domain; developers, QA team, Art designers, game designers, sound designers…. and they all co-operate with each other fully and whole heartedly. It was great fun being with them. I wish Tintash good luck for bringing fresh and beautiful games in the hands of people of all ages.