[Sport] Pakistan wins ICC 20-20 2nd World Cup

Pakistan Flag

After 17 years, Pakistan has won another mega multinational cricket tournment. A very important success at a very right time for Pakistani nation. We, as a nation, have suffered and are still suffering through a lot of setbacks; and this accomplishment of our cricket team has given the nation to smile for something; they have provoked patriotism in our hearts and almost every Pakistani feels like that he/she has gained independance again.

Pakistan - ICC 20 20 Champions

Due to terrorist acts in our homeland, we are neither neglected in sporting world but also in business world. A lot of investors have pulled back their hands. Even RentACoder also displays a ticker that Software Buyers should rethink before signing a contract with a Pakistani programmer because they have electricity issues. 😀 But everyone should not forget that, even the current most successful nations today were far worse than us in their dark ages about 5-6 centuries back. If we compare us with them, we are still new and by the grace of Almighty Allah, we will bounce up as the most successful nation; and our touch will turn dust into gold….

Good luck Pakistan.

ICC 20-20 World Cup 2009 – 1st SEMI – FINAL

The copyrights of this video belongs to ESPN Star.

ICC 20-20 World Cup 2009 – FINAL

The copyrights of this video belongs to ESPN Star.