[Movie] Movies to die for in 2009 :)

2009 will be a great year, many blockbuster sequals are releasing there new parts this year. Besides these, there are many other movies which I would never want to miss. Here is the list of those upcoming films this year. If I have missed any films, please give me a comment and I will add that too in my list. This is going to be a real feastful year 🙂 chow 😉

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

A prequel to the successful Underworld series, targeting the flashbacks in first 2 parts. It will be an interesting movie. IMDB Wikipedia


Although, I have already seen this movie…but it is an outstanding movie and will ask those to see it atleast once if they haven’t seen it. Simply superb. IMDB Wikipedia

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th a massacre of all those who encounter Jason Voorhees in Crystal Lake. This movie will surely be outstanding with special effects and direction. IMDB Wikipedia

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li

The previous Street Fighter presented Guile as a leading hero and M. Bison as a leading villain, but I wanted Ken & Ryu to be main leading heroes. Still not good but at-least they are going for Chun Li :). I expect that this one will be better than the previous one. IMDB Wikipedia


This is got to be outstanding from the directors of 300. Though I never knew about Watchmen but still they seem interesting. IMDB Wikipedia


Nicholas Cage’s last film Bangkok dangerous was not able to impress me a lot but I have lot of expectations from this film. The plot seems good and I think visual effects will take this movie up in the listings. IMDB Wikipedia

Monsters Vs Aliens

An animated movie for this year. It looks good and interesting. Will surely get it as soon as it comes in market. IMDB Wikipedia

Fast & Furious

Tokyo Drift did not seem to be part of the sequel but this seems to be. I hope it has lots of cars and it’s going be fun. IMDB Wikipedia

Dragonball Evolution

I still don’t know what is the concept behind Dragon balls but I expect this Stephen Chow’s movie to be rocking like Kungfu Hustle. IMDB Wikipedia

State of Play

Russel Crowe take on Ben Affleck in an upcoming thriller. This is gonna be a classic. IMDB Wikipedia


Terrance Howard gets a guy for underworld street fighting. This is going to be one of good movies. IMDB Wikipedia

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Hugh Jackman is back and after the three part series of X-Men, it is good to go back in time to see how Wolverine became Wolverine :D. This is going to be the best X-Men episodes, in my view………there is Gambit(my favorite X-men character) and many others. Simple outstanding plot and a must see film. IMDB Wikipedia

Star Trek

I used to see Star Trek: The Old Generation series and I really loved Mr. Spock. The new generation lost my interest by losing Mr. Spock……..but here we go; in this movie we have Mr. Spock played by Sylar of HEROES……….simply superb. He is an ideal for this role because of his image he has made in small screens. This is going to be an outstanding movie. IMDB Wikipedia

Angels & Demons

A very similar named movie as Monsters Vs Aliens, but behold this is not an animated movie. It is a sequal of DaVinci Code. Tom Hanks is called back for yet another mystery which was planned decades before we existed. This is gonna be a great thriller based on a novel Illuminati. IMDB Wikipedia

Terminator Salvation

John Connor has grown up and this time he is portrayed by Christain Bale. This part will mostly deal with the consequences he will face after the Judgement day when Sky net was taken over by machines in Terminator: Rise of the machines. Lets see what’s new, but still I will miss Arnold a lot for this part; he should have given a guest appearance at least. IMDB Wikipedia


This year Pixar is going UP :D. This animated film is looking good, I hope it is as entertaining as Wall-E and Cars and many other Pixars’ films. IMDB Wikipedia

The Taking of Pehlam 123

John Travolta is back in a thriller with Denzel Washington. I believe there is not gonna be easy negotiations between John & Denzel.  IMDB Wikipedia

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

My list is incomplete without Trasformers’ sequel where Decepticons are coming back strongly to take on Autobots. Surely this is going to be an awesome movie. IMDB Wikipedia

Till now the above list is of all movies which are expected to release till the end of June 2009……..The remaining list will be updated sooon 😉