[Movie] Slumdog Millionaire

I got a chance to watch this movie last weekend…………………and I would say that it has portrayed our sub continent in a very original way. I said sub continent because, India and Pakistan are very much alike in majority of the things. I am not going to compare Pakistan and India over here. This post is for Slumdog Millionaire,  which has bagged awards at BAFTA and GRAMMYS and has been nominated for 10 Oscars Acadamy Awards categories. I think it might perform a clean sweep…….but I still haven’t seen other movies nomainated with SM in all categories; so I can’t say that I believe it will perform a clean sweep 😀

The storyline is impressive, direction is good and I liked the dialogues too. A boy answers all 15 questions at a famous show “Who wants to be a Millionaire?” and gets the big money. Hmmmmmmmm, movie about answering 15 questions and winning a quiz show………how can they make a movie like this 🙂 But there have been many movies related to quiz shows, which take us into the lives of people involved in that show……….and that’s the same thing in this movie. The participant Jamal who has lived majority of his life in slum, gets a decent job at Call Center and then comes to the show to win big money. But the main concept of movie was how did he know all the answers? and there we have whole movie in flashbacks. All in all a good movie, worth watching with family.