[Programming] A great iPhone development resource

iPhone development is a new trend nowadays and it is very hard to find helpful material which might help the beginners. I’ll be updating this post with all the links of forums, sites, blogs which have guided me in my learning of iPhone development. So here we go…

  1. Stanford: iPhone Application Programming: To start, here is a link from Stanford, where they have introduced iPhone Application Programming as a course. They have uploaded lectures and coding samples which are very helpful.
  2. iPhone Dev Center: What else can be more useful than iPhone itself. SDKs, video tutorials, How to’s, library references, coding samples etc; all are available here to start and complete an iPhone application by yourself.
  3. iPhone Development Central: Another link for iPhone development Center with 600+ minutes of video tutorials.
  4. iPhone Programming by iCodeBlog: This is a good blog and also has a forum where iCodeBlog can even help you out with his knowledge.
  5. iPhone Noob: This is also a nice blog and I even have added this blog as RSS in my sidebar.