Tricastmedia In-Office Counter Strike Competition – March 2008

I and Usman Qutab were given the responsibility to organize an In-Office Counter Strike Competition. We worked very hard to arrange this event. MIS department, administration and especially our core team cooperated fully with us to make this event a success.

We selected aim_headshot, de_dust2 and de_inferno as the maps for the competition, made rules and emailed everyone about the event. I designed the following poster, which was then displayed on the notice board. We received about 20 participants, so instead of making 5 teams of 4 players, we made 4 teams of 5 players each. The 4 teams were Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta……..which were directly sent to the semi-finals 😀

In-Office Counter Strike Competition Poster

The first Semi-Final was between Alpha and Bravo. Alpha lost by a great lead. Khalid Zubair Khan of Bravo led from the front.

The second Semi-Final was between Chalie and Delta. Great effort from Usman Qutab of Delta was not enough to beat Charlie which was led by Rana Hammad Hussain. 😉

The Final match took place between Bravo and Charlie, in which Bravo out played Charlie in all 3 matches.

  • Bravo became the best team.
    • Khalid Zubair Khan65 Kills (CT) & 56 Kills (T)
    • Muhammad Shahzad Amin27 Kills (CT) & 17 Kills (T)
    • Muzzamil Hussain – 9 Kills (CT) & 16 Kills (T)
    • Muhammad Rizwan – 4 Kills (CT) & 7 Kills (T)
    • Syed Ahmed Sohaib – 2 Kills (CT) & 1 Kill (T)
  • Khalid Zubair Khan won the best Counter Terrorist Award with 65 kills.
  • Rana Hammad Hussain won the best Terrorist Award with 73 kills.

Congratulations and thanks to all participants who played till the end and cooperated a lot with the organizers.