Welcome 2008

A long year(2007) has come to an end. Many memorable moments occured in that year, for which I will remember this year. Just a reminder of what happened in 2007, can be listed as follows:

At Personal level:

I participated in Table Tennis Tournment held in Techlogix. A little effort of mine took my team to the final of the tournment but due to an immense pressure, I lost the decider set of the final match and our team ended up second in the tournment, although it was predicted that our team would not qualify for the quarter finals as well. 🙂

I spent a night at Techlogix to complete one of the user story, in which we had to handle the free rotation of tools drawn by user at design time of InteractX. I enjoyed and learned a lot working in this application and mainly on this particular user story. A lot of basic mathematical calculation was used in it. The main problem was that the CDC class of MFC does not support any angle. The bounding rectangle, which can be scaled and translated in the client area, is drawn by 3 general parameters namely, top cornor point, width and height; and there is not support for rotation; so I had to implement a wrapper over it which would provide:

ROTATION: draw a lollypop(also called rotation gripper) above the bounding rectangle to provide free rotation,

SCALING: handle the cornor masks so that it can be easily scaled up or down without altering the shape of the contained object,

TRANSLATION: translate the object and bounding rectangle anywhere in the client area.

I joined Tricastmedia Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd in July 2007 as a Software Engineer and my team mate changed from Haroon Saeed to Usman Qutab. So in other words, no difference occured in the team environment. 😀
Tricastmedia took a sports gala trip to the northern areas of Pakistan and I fully participated in the event, by scoring quick odd runs in couple of matches which helped us to go to the final of the cricket tournment via run rate rule. Though we lost the match but I was the only one to take the only 2 wickets of the tournment champions which they lost in the final. Besides cricket, I scored the last goal in the football match which has made our chances to go to the final of the football tournment as well. The tournment was delayed due to rain and will be continued later this year.
Tricastmedia arranged Most Paindoo Day in office. A paindoo is a person with countryside background and has been living in modern city but is still not influenced by its atmosphere. I participated fully, and got the first prize. 😀
I received a Gold Medal for academic achievement in BSc(HONS) in Computer Science from PUCIT, University of the Punjab. My office celebrated the occasion and congratulated me.

My little most brother underwent a plastic surgery of his ears in Rawalpindi. I went there to stay with him for his care, and it was a great trip.

At Pakistan Level:

The year 2007 began with Eid-ul-Azha and enjoyment for all.
First suicide bomb blast for Pakistan occured in January 2007 and many followed all year in different locations.
Brutal murder of Zille Huma, who was the Punjab Minister of Social Welfare and was killed for “not adopting the muslim dress code”.
The “Samjhoota Express”, a friendship train between Pakistan and India was blown up.
Pakistan participated in cricket World Cup 2007 and got out from it after a shameful defeat from Ireland. Australia won the World Cup third time in a row.
Bob Woolmer, Pakistan Cricket Team coach, died on the day following the defeat from Ireland. The reason of his death is still under question.
Inzimam-ul-Haq retired from oneday cricket and Shoaib Malik became the new Pakistan Cricket Team captain.
Lal Masjid incident.
Chief Justice of Pakistan incident.
May 12 mayhem in Karachi.
“Khuda ke liye” released last year which faced many protests.
Extremism in North and North-Western areas of Pakistan.
Nawaz Sharif, chairperson of PML(N) and 2 time prime minister of Pakistan, returned after 8 year exile, but was sent back from the air port. He then came back again for general elections.
Pakistan participated in the first Twenty20 International WorldCup. Shoaib Akhtar, Pakistani pace bowler, set another example by using bat against own team mate Muhammad Asif, and was sent home. Pakistan performed well and due to brilliant efforts of Misbah-ul-Haq reached the final of the tournment and ended up as runners up.
Misbah-ul-Haq continued his brilliant performance in all forms of cricket. He was aggressive in T20, moderate in 50 over game and was the most defensive in Test matches from Pakistan.
Police action in Geo TV office in Islamabad.
Government banned some channels and Geo is still banned.
Benazir Bhutto, chairperson of PPP and 2 time prime minister of Pakistan, also came back after a self-exile for the general elections and was welcomed by a couple of bomb attacks.
Emergency was imposed in Pakistan, and all parties’ activists were being held. Imran Khan was arrested after IJT students in Punjab University beat him and gave him to the police.
General Pervez Musharaf retired from the post of Chief of Army Staff and became President, after long delays by Supreme court.
Pakistan Cricket Team lost to India in India after a decade or two.
Assassination of Pakistan’s most famous artist, Gulgee, took place.

Benazir Bhutto was killed during her election campaign and investigation is still under process.

Overall, for Pakistan 2007 can be called a year of anger and angst as explained in All Things Pakistan. Lets hope the new year 2008, bring relief for the people of Pakistan and happiness for all of us. May Allah bless our country and us (Ameen).