Tricastmedia Pakistan – Sports Gala

Tricastmedia H.R. team arranged a sports gala in Khanaspur, near Murree, and whole Tricastmedia was divided into 4 groups: Lions, Tigers, Hawks and Dolphins. The groups were lead by Knowledge Associates who did not have any prior management experience, giving them a chance to improve their managerial skills. The C.E.O, core team, senior team and even H.R. had to take orders from those 4 group leads.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007:

Tricastmedia was divided into 4 groups and 4 group leaders were announced. Rules for the sports gala and rough schedule were shared with everyone.

Thursday, August 30, 2007:

Group leads started taking responsibility. Rules for each game were decided. Group leads shared their knowledge with their groups’ KAs. Strategies were made. Schedule for the complete trip was announced.

Friday, August 31, 2007:

Two coaches were filled with all KAs and then left for Khanaspur in the noon. After a long drive and few breaks on the way, we reached Khanaspur at night. We had dinner in Armor Hut and went to PTDC and were divided into 10 rooms for a small nap J

Saturday, September 01, 2007:

After a small nap, everyone was asked to assemble outside PTDC, where they would be taken to the ground for the commencement of the tournament. Luckily (as every KA was praying), the day started with rain generating a delay in the schedule but unfortunately it wasn’t enough. The first football match between Tigers and Hawks started without waiting for the Core Team. When the Core Team arrived, first cricket match between Lions and Dolphins began. During the first innings of cricket match, result of first football match amazed everyone that Hawks defeated Tigers with a very big margin. Everyone then waited for the cricket match to get over, since there was a plan for breakfast after that match. Lions collected a great total and Dolphins were a little short while chasing. The victorious Lions and Hawks cheerfully gathered in the coaches, while Dolphins and Tigers had their faces down (this is an exaggeration, no one was unhappy because everyone tried their best……..actually everyone was in high spirits). We reached Lasani restaurant for a breakfast….hmmmm…….the schedule was for breakfast but we were there for a brunch and had a lunch.

After breakfast called lunch, we all went to ground for the remaining tournament. Second football match between Lions and Dolphins began. No one knows of any reason why teams were short of their players, therefore Lions and Dolphins played with 6 players a side. Mr. Bilal from Dolphins was the referee of the match and Lions won the match (no further details for this match). Simultaneously, second cricket match between Tigers and Hawks also started. A great team effort from Hawks enabled them to collect the biggest total of the tournament within 8 overs. But they started biting their nails when Tigers began the chase. A very ruthless hitting by Mr. Adnan brought Tigers close to the target but an outstanding catch by Mr. Usman (this catch can be claimed as the catch of the tournament) was able to steal a ball from Tigers and Mr. Adnan was short by 3 runs for his century and 6 runs for the win.

The next football and cricket matches were decided based on the performance of the four teams. Lions had to face Tigers in their football and cricket match. Hawks and Dolphins were against each other in both games. Dolphins with a very calculated approach went on cricket field and restricted Hawks for a very small total, and Mr. Mehdi from Dolphins wrapped up the match with a very genuine innings. This was the smallest cricket game of the whole tournament. But this wasn’t enough the surprise, the football match which started simultaneously between Lions and Tigers became the longest match of not only the tournament but of all time. The match lasted for about more than 2 hours (exclusive of golden goal and penalty kicks). The Tigers defeated Lions with a great margin to cover the lead they lost in the first match.

The next cricket match between Lions and Tigers was the decider that which team will qualify for the final. Lions aggregated a modest total for Tigers, which wasn’t enough for them to defend, since everyone knew about Tigers’ batting attack. Mr. Shah Jee, Mr. Waqas and Mr. Adnan, started off pretty well, and were reaching the target with ease……….but Lions introduced Mr. Tanzeel, who took 2 wickets and gave only 2 runs in his over, which shook the Tigers’ dressing room. But Mr. Tanzeel forgot to take Mr. Adnan’s wicket that completed the target with one ball remaining. By the end of this match, every team had won one match each. The run rate and net run rate war broke out between all four teams. Everyone was very tired and the day was called off. All KAs were taken to PTDC, where everyone tried to refresh. Dinner was served in PTDC, and bonfire was also arranged for the late night. New comers introduced themselves during bonfire. Schedule for next day was announced. Singing and Poetry marked the end of a very hectic day.

Sunday, September 02, 2007:

The day started off pretty well, everyone woke up early and was in the dining hall for lunch on time. A little delay but all teams were in the ground for the finals. The net run rate won the war and Dolphins and Lions made up to the final cricket match. It was also brought into notice that if Tigers had completed their chase against Lions 2 balls earlier, Tigers would have qualified for the final.

The Dolphins lead by Mr. Mehdi and Mr. Waqar and supported by Mr. Bilal collected a modest total. Lions were restricted when they got a double blow in the second over and were lingering in first three overs. Dolphins and audience started cheering, but that was for a very short time, when Mr. Ijaz from Lions stepped in and finished the game with in 4 overs. The Lions won the cricket final match. As the Lions were busy in their photo shoots, protestors gathered in the ground with Umpires dummies and protested against them.

The Dolphins also gathered for photo shoots, but Lions started throwing Pepsi which made a great pause in the tournament’s schedule. Group Leads then made the situation calm and games began to continue. The decider football match between Hawks and Dolphins took place. This match had to decide which teams will play the final. Dolphins started off with the first goal. Hawks got a corner kick and Mr. Sajjad scored a brilliant goal (this goal can be claimed as the goal of the tournament). Hawks then scored another goal getting in the lead. The last couple of minutes got a penalty kick for Dolphins and the second half ended with 2-2. First penalty shoot outs of the tournament were played. Mr. Muneeb from Dolphins was able to save 3 kicks from Hawks, and Hawks were not able to stop Dolphins’ shooters. Hence Dolphins defeated Hawks. Now again all 4 teams had won one match each and goal count, points, goal difference were brought in count. After a discussion of 30 minutes, it was declared that Dolphins and Hawks would play the final. But as the decision was being made, the weather began to show its color of rain. It rained heavily and after long talks referees decided to abandon the match.

Amazingly, the combined result of football and cricket tournament excluding finals was:

  • Lions defeated Dolphins in both cricket and football matches
  • Tigers defeated Lions in both cricket and football matches
  • Hawks defeated Tigers in both cricket and football matches
  • Dolphins defeated Hawks in both cricket and football matches

Every KA was then taken to PTDC, where they had to change and pack up their bags. We had lunch and then left for Lahore. After a long journey we finally reached TCM office on time which was announced on Thursday. J

Overall, the trip was healthy and pleasant. KAs got to know of each other very well. Everyone shared ideas and thoughts, and enjoyed every minute of the whole trip. The trip was arranged properly and no problems were faced. All group leads performed their roles brilliantly and displayed more than expected managerial skills. The core team, senior team and the HR team cooperated in every way possible. At the end, the trip was great but matches schedule was not realistic may be because “We Are Different”.