3rd year as SE

2007 is the 3rd year as a software engineer. 2 years of software development has completed and have learned a lot. It has been a great experience and learning has not stopped. 😀

My major portion of my last 2 years belong to the computer vision domain, a couple of months to Computer Graphics, but whatever I was touching I was using VC++ for it. MFC/API/COM/ATL based programming in Visual Studio 6.0 and a little bit of Visual Studio.Net ………………………. lets hope that I continue to work in these technologies and come up with some good and presentable projects of my own toooo 😉

The new year resolution for me is to start developing a game, no matter how much time it takes to complete……… but still have to start up with the basics……. 3D studio max, maya, openGL, DirectX, Ogre3D, Alergo etc will be my target from now on. Best of Luck Hammad (Y)