[Game] Age of Empires II: Age of Kings

Too late but still I wanted to write about Age of Empires II: Age of Kings in my blog. This sequal was released in October 1999, and was claimed to be the game of the year. I played it many times, but never played it freely as I never got time to give to it. But as I am free from studies this is the second and last thing I do beside my job 🙂

The campaigns are easy…….. even my little most brother can do them. The main enjoyment is other than campaigns. The civilization selection is the most time taking part of the game for initial starters, but once you get the winning strategy with any civilization, then it saves a lot of time for selecting a civilization. Hmmmm…. the winning strategy……. There are different strategies………can be a standard one, which includes either to eliminate all oponents or capture all relics and secure them for about four centuries or build and protect a wonder for four centuries, or there can be a time limit game, which will decide the winner on the basis of points scored by collecting wood, gold, stone and food, and units killed, buildings destroyed, research count, area explored, buildings razed, total number of units……………..I prefer the first one, and sometimes try to accomplish the first one in the second one 😀

The civilization which usually select is Turks, just because I think it is the best for defence kind of strategy …….. I still have to try to eliminate other civilizations by Turks. Usually, I prefer Persians for eliminating other civilizations, the War elephants are toooo goood, I love their voice when they attack a building DUGUD DUGUD DUGUD… 😀

Well, soon I will shift my gears and continue with the sequal of Age of Empires, and also planning to start playing it on LAN. Well its a goood time passer, and I would like everyone to atleast play it once;)