Techlogix Pakistan (Pvt) LTD

On 1st December 2006, it was my first official day at Techlogix Pakistan (Pvt) LTD. After serving Intagleo Systems (Pvt) LTD, I decided to switch to a bigger software house. Bigger in a sense that it is matured, organized and many people here are much like me 😀

I am assigned to a team working on the enhancement of InteractX software of Parker Hannifin CorporatinComputer Technology Corporation (PHC-CTC). The task is to enhance the existing ATL/COM based MFC application.

Another important thing is that I joined Haroon Saeed, my great batch fellow and a very close friend. He has also mentioned about this project 😉 I hope to stay here for a longer time than the previous one. I hope everything goes fine… 🙂