[Sport] A day of remembrance

November 30th, 2006 will go in the record books as the day when Muhammad Yousaf broke a couple of records. For me there will be one more addition other than these, that will be my last day in Intagleo Systems (Pvt) Ltd.
Woww……. A year and 10 months…… 648 days to be precise……….from Feb 21st 2005 till Nov 30th 2006…………………….. a wonderful experience and great learning helped me to get a job in Techlogix Pvt Ltd.
Developers of both teams; CCTV and Agrando(RTV) arranged a farewell for me. A couple of old colleagues were called too. We had lunch in AFC, H-Block branch. It was great fun. Thanx to everyone a lot. I appreciate everyone for giving me such an importance.
The Experience:
The time I spent in Intagleo was unique in its own way. I learned new domain, technologies and tools. I came across many problems and the way my managers helped me out is unforgettable. I appreciate for what they have done for me and I give them high regards. The staff was very helpful and caring, they were always there whenever I needed any guidance. I really appreciate the times my network manager spent with me, the approaches he told me to follow in the development field…….are tooo goood. My managers always put me at ease in handling my responsibilities and I enjoyed my fellow developers experiences and made them enjoy my experiences toooo. They all treated my like their brother and shared every problem with me and I did the same with them. We tried to help each other in any problem which was bugging anyone of us. We participated in many games(indoor and outdoor) and I still smile on those events, lunchs, dinners and farewells which we gave to our fellow developers….I did not think that I will be getting a farewell so early in my life, but still I had a great time with everyone there and I wish them best of luck for the future.