Husnain Malik, Sami Uz Zaman and Jehanzeb Haroon

On Thursday, September 21st, 2006…………….our office arranged a farewell dinner for Husnain, Sami and Jehanzeb in Freddy’s at M.M. Alam Road.
Sami Uz Zaman has been doing MS in LUMS, so he left Intagleo about a month ago, so his farwell was due. He was in the other team in Intagleo, but he was the first person to introduce this professional work. He guided me and helped me to begin my career. He has always been a very helpful person, and I never saw him without a smile. Well, just because of the life cycle of software industry, everyone has to grow, so Sami had to leave. I wish him Good Luck.
Husnain Malik joined Intagleo a year ago after the 8th October 2005 earthquake. As in “Surah Zalazil” in Holy Quran, that after earthquake good things rise and truth appears for the people who are good and righteous. I think that earthquake revealed Husnain Malik for me. He joined my team, and he has been a very helpful, sincere, trustful and intellect person. He made me understand the meaning of software industry. He helped me in so much matters. He came here after doing MS in Computer Science from Monash University, Australia………and the experiences he has shared were too goood. He will be leaving Intagleo for a growth in his career next month. I think I am going to miss him. He has been a great team mate. I loved working with him on several projects in Intagleo Systems. I wish him Good Luck.
Jehanzeb Haroon joined Intagleo earlier this year. He joined Intagleo as a marketing manager. Even though he has done BS in Software Engineering from Australian university, he has great marketing skills. He is a person who can convice you even to sell yourself for the better prospects…just kidding. He will be leaving us next month. He found a replacement for him………and it turned out to be Sharjeel Murtaza, his batch mate in Australia. Sharjeel was my batch mate in Punjab University, he got his credits transfered to Australia where he met Jehanzeb, who was his college mate in Cresent College. Wow, the world has turned out to be a global village. How the circle completes, great…….:) Well I wish Jehanzeb good luck for his new post as a planning manager in Mobilink.
All is well that ends well. I hope my link with them does not end here. I wish we meet again some where else some time again in life. I wish…..