Reunion of BCSS01 and BCSF01

Reunion of first 2 batches of PUCIT BSc HONS was held on 10th September 2006, in Salt n Pepper Grill.

Both batches attended the reunion in large numbers. Only 16 students from BCSS01 and about more than 50 students from BCSF01 attended the reunion. Great ratio, right:)

The idea was initiated by our junior microsftian Fahim, and our teachers Sir Waqar and Anzar proved to be very supportive. It was great fun meeting everyone after almost 20 months. All juniors have got a better place and few are getting higher education, that is great toooo.

The event started well and ended well. We had a fateha for our batch fellow Farhan Bhatti. Aleem shared some of his experiences with everyone while standing on a fountain 😀 We had a great dinner and it was something I will not forget for some time. The students of our batch who attended were:

Abdul Aleem Khan, he is currently working in Dubai sotware house (don’t remember the name) as a Senior Software Engineer.
Mian Haroon Saeed, he is currently working in Techlogix as a software engineer. He also became a coder king in couple of weeks back.
Usman Qutab, he is currently working in CambridgeDocs as a software engineer. A .Net specialized boy working in Java domain from about a year.
Touseef Liaqat, he is currently working in Mentor Graphics as a software engineer. He is engaged and sooon will be married.
Yasir Mehmood, he is currently working in Innovative as a software engineer. He got married 2 days before the Reunion.
Ikhlaq Ahmed, he is going to University of Glosgow on HEC scholarship for facult development program. He will join Quetta Institute of Technology after completing his studies.
Waleed Yousaf, he is also going on 26th september 2006 for further studies. I did not get the course name and place where he is going.
Sheheryar Ilahi, he left Descon then joined some other place, and then he again joined Descon. How faithful 🙂
Salman Abid Jafri, he is I think in Descon. Did not get a chance to know about him completely.
Salman Hamid, he is a Human Resource Manager in Greenwich something. They conduct hiring for many big companies.
Irfan Tahir, he is doing MBA from NUST.
Tariq Yousaf, he is currently working in Systems Ltd as a software engineer in .Net team.
Moeen Ahmed, he is currently working in Systems Ltd as a software engineer in .Net team.
Najam Nazar, he is currently working in a software house (did not get the name) as a software engineer.
Dawood Nasim, he is ……………. did not get the chance to ask him what he is doing 🙂

I hope I haven’t missed anyone. I’ll add them if anyone comes in my mind.

Good luck to everyone for their plans.