[Programming] Dynamic Ellipse Fitting on blobs in an image

Dynamic Ellipse Fitting on blobs in an image means placing an elliptical human model on detected foreground to classify either the foreground contains a human or not. First of all, if the blob size(foreground size) is less than some threshold then it is not a human. If it is a human, then we perform this technique to decide either there are more than one person or not. In short, we use dynamic ellipse fitting for Occlussion Removal.

The technique to place a dynamic ellipse is as follow:

Center of Image —> (Xi,Yi)
Center of blob —–> (Xb,Yb)

Angle for the orientation of the ellipse depends upon the distance from the center and also the location of the blob in an image, therefore

Angle————–> 180 – ((arctan((Yb-Yi)/(Xb-Xi)))*180/Pi)

Equation of the ellipse is:
x^2/a^2 + y^2/b^2 = 1
this can be expanded to:
(Xb-Xi)^2/Rx^2 + (Yb-Yi)^2/Ry^2 = 1

=> (Xb-Xi)^2*Ry^2 + (Yb-Yi)^2*Rx^2 = Rx^2*Ry^2

where Rx = Wi/hx, Ry = Hi/hy

Wi = width of the image
Hi = height of the image
hx = ??????? (still not finalized)
hy = ??????? (still not finalized)

distance of the blob from the center of an image -> sqRoot((Yb-Yi)^2 + (Xb-Xi)^2)
this thing will be used to adjust the values of hx and hy. In this way a variable length ellipse will be
placed on the blobs in an image.